Buy and sell second hand Easily while moving

Are you leaving your place or just found one?
Furnys is a second hand platform where you can find everything for your house at a fair price and it’s perfect to quickly get rid of them when you are leaving. All of that without the hassle of managing hundreds of messages.

White goods now available!

Need a fridge, a washing machine or any other appliance? You're covered!

How it works

Post and look for multiple items at once

Why waste time buying and selling all the items one by one?
With Furnys, you can do it in one shot.

Book or set your availability for pickup

No more back and forth between buyers and sellers. Thanks to our availability calendar, all the interactions will be minimized. 

We find you the ideal match

We match a person who is selling a bunch of things with a person willing to buy as many items as possible from that seller.

Explore our app

We are still developing our product.
Every feedback, idea or suggestion could help us to improve it and move forward.
Would you like to join us as a tester of our prototype?

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Who we are

Elisa Di Gangi


Communication manager

Mario Galizzi


Software delevoper

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